Sony's UX Micro PC confirmed


It looks like the leak was right about with the product pics yesterday – Sony has now updated its viral marketing page and revealed the same model seen before, entitled the UX Micro PC model, along with something called the AR Digital Studio.
This at first glance looks like another very small Vaio laptop and,
though I would very much like to tell you some specs for both, the
links on the page don’t actually lead anywhere but right back to the
start of the flash movie.

Looks like we’ll have to wait for Sony to fix the links or put some real details elsewhere on the site.

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  • Hi

    Put “ar digital studio” into google and you’ll get a couple of results on the sonystyle Canada site. The main links are down but the cached versions show the full pages with full product info. Two models – the higher-spec one has blu-ray and hdmi…

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