GNER brings Wi-Fi to all its trains


It seems like the transport companies are finally getting the message that we need to keep in touch and keep working, wherever we are, especially when we’re on the move. We told you earlier in the month about National Express offering free Wi-Fi access on some routes, now train operator GNER is extending its trial of Wi-Fi access to all of its East Coast Mainline trains.

GNER began trialling on-board Wi-Fi in December 2003 and has since equipped ten of its Mallard-class trains, which run between London King’s Cross and Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The company has now announced an extension of the service, bringing the wireless technology to the rest of the Mallard fleet and to its 13 remaining diesel High Speed Trains by this summer.

The company’s system, designed by Swedish net access specialist Icomera, uses line-of-sight satellite links for the main connection, with GPRS and 3G mobile phone links as back up and to provide connectivity when trains are in tunnels and covered stations.

If you travel first class, it’s free. The rest of us will be charged between £2.95 and £9.95 for 30-180 minutes’ access.

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