Free wireless access – on the coach


What lengths would you go to for free wireless access when you’re out and about? Would you swap the train for a coach? That’s what National Express are hoping after installing Telabria’s mSystem mobile Wi-Fi hotspots on coaches between London and Cambridge.

The plus points are obvious – travellers on the National Express’s 010 London to Cambridge route will be able to access the internet on the move via their Wi-Fi enabled laptops, PDAs and other handheld devices at no extra cost. The downside? Well, you’ll have a struggle opening a laptop and getting some elboow room to work it if you’re squeezed onto a single seat!

Each coach on the route will carry Telabria’s mSystem MobilAP-3G, a multi-radio system that combines an 802.11b/g access point with 3G data network backhaul, offering net access at speeds of up to 300Kbps wherever there is 3G network coverage. There is the option to charge with the system, but National Express are doubtless hoping the service pays its way via bums on seats.

Via The Register

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