Email gets protection from 'Stranger Danger'


CipherTrust has launched the TrustedSource Toolbar, a free ‘plug and play’ programme that protects home users’ email inboxes from offensive spam, online fraud and phishing attacks by verifying the reputation of the email sender.

The Toolbar is powered by CipherTrust’s proprietary TrustedSource research portal, which continuously monitors the reputation of email senders around the world, enabling it to identify spam mailers and phishing email senders instantly. It sits along the top of the inbox and displays a green, ‘smiley’ face when email is received mail from a verified sender and a red, ‘frowny’ face for email where the sender is unknown, allowing you to delete unknown or suspicious email from the inbox without having to open it.

The TrustedSource Toolbar seems pretty much unobtrusive, requiring no management or updating from the user once installed, so is probably worth a look if you are worried about email threats.

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