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Starting today Propellerhead is featuring a week’s worth of Top Tips for Microsoft Word, the world’s most popular word processing program. We’ll be concentrating on the hidden features and facilities that can help to make this enormously powerful program easier to use, so let’s kick off with something really simple, making a word stand out with bold, italic or underline effect. The natural thing to do is hold your breath and go in for some precision mousing to try and highlight the whole word. It’s hard enough with a proper mouse but it can be a real swine to do using a laptop touch pad, so here’s the easy way. Simply click the cursor into the word — it doesn’t matter where — then click on the Bold, Italic or Underline icon, or better still, tape the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I or Ctrl + U. There will be another one tomorrow and every day this week and don’t forget to visit the Top Tips archive on the BootLog website at:

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One thought on “Propellerhead Top Tip – It's Word Week

  • I think it’s wierd that Word can do almost anything I want, except the thing I most do most often.

    Here’s the senario – you’re writing a document in Times New Roman and you want to include text from another Word document or a web page. You copy the text you want to include, paste it in, and by default it comes in with the web page font and all the formatting.

    Chances are you didn’t want all that rubbish HTML formatting in your Times document. I realise you can choose Edit – Paste Special, but even then, the default is “HTML format” and you actually have to select “Unformatted text” before you can hit OK. It drives me mad!

    Does anyone know how to make Word paste all text as “unformatted text” by default?

    Apart from that, Word is great.

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