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Search engines have undergone some fine tuning over the years, but are essentially the same now as they were 10 years back. Blinkx claims their new Pico search tool is a major step forward – because it searches a wide selection of media in the background without any input from yourself.

Pico is a free downloable tool that sources relevant search content by analysing what you are reading or writing. The results appear as channels at the top of your desktop, each representing a different type of content, – news, blogs, video, Web, Wikipedia, images, shopping, and “people”.  When Pico finds relevant information, icons representing different types of data light up. You can click on the icons to see the items, or use a keyboard shortcut to view all the found relevant items in one view. And as the content on your screen changes, the searches change in the same way.

Nice idea and certainly worth a look. You can download Pico now. It’s a 1MB file and free to use.

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Dave Walker
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