The search engine with a heart


Search engines are big business. While it might not cost you anything to find what you want, you search could be generating advertising revenue for the big search operators and a number of sales for those who pay for the premium slots. One new search engine – – aims to follow this example, but use some of the money generated as charitable donations.

Every time a user clicks on a paid-for listing on, 50% of the revenue generated is donated to charity.  Similarly, when a user shops with, 50% of commissions are donated to charity. On average, each search generates 0.5p. hopes to have raised more than £20 million for over 170,000 UK charities by the end of 2008. So if you want to find something, why not do it the charitable way?

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One thought on “The search engine with a heart

  • I think this is a great idea and thrilled that I no longer have to put my hand in my pocket with donations. lets hope this idea takes off!!

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