The Ibiza Ride LED watch


When is a watch not a watch? When it’s the stylish Ibiza Ride watch, which uses rows of coloured LEDs to display the time rather than traditional hands and numbers.

This wacky watch displays the time in a completely unique manner, using three columns of LEDs to display hours and minutes. The first column represents hours, the second represents tens of minutes, and the third represents single minutes. So if seven lights are showing in the first column, two in the second and three in the third, it’s 7:23. Reading the date works in the same way. The first column represents the month. The second and third columns represent the day. Simple!

And you get more than a watch for your money – you get a talking point. Which could make you friends or even be the start of a new relationship! You can pick up the Ibiza Ride watch now from for £129.95.

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Dave Walker
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