Tv watch goes on sale in UK


NHJ‘s long awaited TV watch the VTV-201 finally goes on sale this week in UK via online retailer Firebox. Essentially the same model that has been a monster hit in both the US and Japan the £129.99 VTV-201 features a 1.5inch LCD screen which snaps into a holder to create a rather large wrist watch. There’s no on board speakers, instead sound is relayed to the user via a set of earphones which also doubles as the watch’s aerial. The VTV 201 is analogue terrestrial TV only – it might be a tad tricky attaching a Sky dish to your arm – and pulls in signals from five UK channels. It has a battery life of one hour – much longer if the user is just checking the time and date and not tuning into Emmerdale – which can be upgraded to three hours with a second optional battery. It is also a good traveller working in most countries in Europe. Firebox has it on sale here, Amazon and other retailers will have it shortly too.

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