Control it all with the Kameleon 10

Home cinema

How many remotes do you have? I’ve lost count, but I know I’ll never have the right one to hand. maybe I should look at something like the One For All Kameleon 10, which can operate up to 10 appliances, allowing you to control them independently or together with the touch of a single button.

The Kameleon 10 looks good with its "electro-luminous" display and stylish aluminium case. It’s simple to use – you can quickly flick between 10 screens, each controlling a designated area of your home theatre and you can set up "hard keys" for your most-used functions, such as volume or channel changing. And to keep it going, the Kameleon 10 comes with a cradle that recharges the unit when not in use.

The One For All Kameleon 10 retails for around £129.99. You can find out more at

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Dave Walker
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