Create mobile video with DVD Xpress DX2

Personal video players

Got a Sony PSP? Or how about an iPod video? Well, if you want to take advantage of their video-playing capabilities with your own movies, the DVD Xpress DX2, which converts analog videos to digital format, could be worth a look.

The plug-and-play device connects to a PC USB port to transfer a/v signals from any analog source using the RCA (Composite) or S-VHS video inputs. The signals are automatically converted into MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 and the DivX digital files that can be archived directly to disc or stored on a PC’s hard drive for editing. DVD XPress DX2 also has ‘Audio-Lock’ technology to provide perfect lip synch all the way through capture, edit and disc burning, while the whole process of creating and saving your video clip is just a few clicks of a wizard.

The DVD Xpress DX2 will be available in early February for around £100.

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Dave Walker
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