CES 2006: LG reveals new media players

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Two very decent looking media players have emerged in the LG booth excitingly known as the FM30 and PM70. Details are a bit scarce at the moment but they both certainly look the part. The FM30 is a normal flash DAP with the colour screen and slim design that we’re starting to see so many of. Needless to say, on top of the usual selection of audio format compatibility (with the notable inclusion of Ogg Vorbis), it can play MPEG4 videos. Just like an iRiver U10 really but with a very impressive 60 hours of battery life.

A bit more interesting but with even fewer details is the PM70; it is a PVR run by the new Windows Portable Media Center so it can record videos straight off the telly. Its Windows origins will also give you the chance to perform other tasks such as Outlook synchronisation. There’s a TV out put as well but it’s a bit unclear as to what audio/video formats are supported and there are some fears that Microsoft’s hand in the device may limit its compatibility to Windows Media files but nothing is certain yet. More details as they emerge.

via DAPReview

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