CES 2006: Philips new MP3 player

MP3 players

Philips must have been pretty pleased with the reception afforded its HDD6320 digital music player as it is set to offer a pair of similar model later in the year. The HDD1850 is a deadringer for its sibling and features its cool black finish, slim design, MP3 and WMA playback, JPEG display and innovative touch screen interface. The key difference is that the new model has an eight Gigabyte hard drive as opposed to the 6620’s 30 Gigabytes. It also has longer battery life of eighteen hours and comes in at $249 – a little cheaper than the HDD830. It will be on sale (in the US at least) in the summer. The HDD6330 – a version of the 6320 with a 30 Gigabyte hard disk has just gone on sale.

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