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Philips is back for yet another crack at the personal audio market with a pair of hard disk players which debut this week. We have been reasonably impressed by Philips players in the past – its debut player, the black and skinny HDD100 was for a time a real iPod rival – and the new pair look pretty impressive too.

Both models, the £249 HDD6320,
which has 30Gig storage, enough to store up to 15,000 songs or 8400 pictures and the £200 HDD1620 offering 6Gig storage (up to 3000
songs, 1600 pictures) sport colour screens, Philips’ reasonably fast SuperScroll navigation systems, voice recording facilities and play back of WMA  files (including DRM-ed WMAs). Battery life is 15 hours on the HDD6320 and eighteen hours on the HDD1620.

Philips has also created a range of accessories for the players including splashproof cases, charging docks and cassette adaptors.

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