CES 2006: MSI unveils new players

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The new MSI MEGA VIEW 591 seems like more of a portable TV than a personal video player as it doesn’t appear to have any internal memory. It does however support SD/MMC card memory with MPEG4 compatibility. It has an external antenna jack to boost its own internal DVB-T antenna and it supports an electronic programming guide. The screen is a 4.2″ LCD although it can handily be output to a TV too. All this leaves the 591 feeling a little poor in features but that might not matter if the price is right.

The MP3 player offering looks a bit more exciting; these consist of the MEGA PLAYER 554 and 555 which offer 8GB to 10GB microDrive storage space, MP3 and WMA playback only and FM radio. The screens are 1.8″ LCDs which you can use to view JPEG photos but not MPEG4s. Looks-wise they are reasonably appealing but their lack of features is a bit of a let down. Again this could be somewhat cured by a low price but no details are out yet. MSI usually bring their AV stuff to the UK so hopefully we’ll see thme both soon.

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