Mobile TV trial promising for O2

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The initial results of a user trial by Oxford Mobile of multi-channel broadcast TV to mobile phones have revealed a high level of consumer interest, with 83% of triallists satisfied with the service provided and 76% of triallists indicating that they would take up the service within 12 months.

The trial of 375 O2 customers found, rather unsurprisingly that viewing peaked in the morning, midday and early evening – coinciding with the daily commute and lunch hours. Satisfaction levels were based on choice and quality of the 16 channels available, ease of use and picture quality.

The service is based on the new digital video broadcasting – handheld transmission technology and works by beaming a signal to a digital TV receiver, which is attached to Nokia’s specially adapted 7710 smartphone, transforming it into a portable TV.

O2 expects to announce final results from the Oxford Mobile TV trial in the spring of 2006, when presumably the rest of us can give our opinion.

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