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Unlike iPod accessories that are still
going strong, there seems to have been a bit of a drought in terms of PSP
hardware add-ons for a while. Trust now returns to the popular ‘speaker case’
trick as already boasted by the likes of Radica and Logic3. The Trust GM-5400 helps
to protect the unit from the rigours of travel inside its hard case, but better
still it has an integrated Li-Ion battery pack that will give you an extra five
hours playing time and powers the compact 1 watt speaker set inside the case
lid. The £19.99 price tag gives this particular accessory an edge over some of the

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Next up there’s the GM-5200; this is
perhaps better suited for someone who likes to keep a large number of gadgets
about themselves at any one time. The protective case contains a universal
recharger powered by 4 x AA batteries which will grant an extra hour of
playtime or can they be used in any compatible digital camera, etc. Unlike the
GM-5400, it is designed to allow you to keep playing whilst the PSP is sealed
safely inside so in theory you’ll never have to expose it to the world outside
again. The GM-5200 should retail for a nice cheap £14.99 and both products will
be available from the end of January.

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