LED Lenser Torches


Nothing like these long dark winters nights
to make you realise how easy it buy someone a torch for Xmas and make it seem
like a thoughtful gift. LED Lenser has brought the humble flashlight into the
21st century by imbuing it with the latest in powerful LED
technology which truly outshines (crap pun intended) the competition. LEDs make
a good choice of light source because not only are they brighter than ordinary
bulbs, they require less power too. Leading the way in LED Lenser’s Xmas line
up is the V2 Professional;
its aluminium casing makes it looks straight out of science fiction (enhanced
by the fact there’s a cool laser warning sticker just visible in the pic) and
is billed as ‘practically indestructible’, which goes nicely with the lifetime
guarantee. It isn’t cheap at £39.95 but its durability, easy maintenance and smart
design go someway to make up for that.

There are a few other models in the LED
Lenser range including the Keyfinder and Head Fire Power Chip. The Keyfinder,
unsurprisingly, is a bit more compact than the V2 Professional at 7.1
cm though it still benefits form the same improved brightness and long battery
life. The Head Fire Power Chip is more like something you would want to give to
an outdoorsy brother-in-law or the like; it is a powerful headlamp that is
designed to give a wide range of visibility and should be suited to ripping
down mud swamped mountainsides in the pitch darkness. The Keyfinder is the
cheaper option at £10.99 whereas the Head Fire will set you back the same hefty £39.95.


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