T-Mobile thinks pink


In the latest bid to conquer the female
market for PDAs, T-Mobile has unveiled its unique pink edition of the MDA
Compact II
, which like nearly every PDA these days, is based on a  HTC
product. If I were a high flying business woman, whose time was so valuable
that performing routine office tasks on the move could provide a
significant boost in efficiency, then nothing would say more about my years of
hard work and dedication to my company, my struggle against a biased, masculine
dominated business world than the chance to hold aloft a pink PDA.

And if you don’t agree then clear off to that bastion of girly pinkness here. Fortunately the MDA Compact II also comes in a much nicer
graphite colour. Specs and more details after the turn. 

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In terms of features there isn’t a great
improvement over the original MDA Compact; there’s still the 2.8″ colour
touch-screen, which helps keep the device a little smaller than rival PDAs, and
it also retains the 1.3 megapixel camera. Enhancements have been made to the
memory capacity, which is now up to 128MB with expansion for an SD Card, but
more importantly is the addition of Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows Mobile 5.0, which
has received generally good responses all round thanks to its improved speeds
and navigation systems. As a PDA, the MDA Compact II falls a little short in some
areas, but this is partially rectified by its small stature and reasonable
price tag that means on contract, the most you can expect to pay for one is £140.

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