Palm adds a pair of PDAs


I am afraid I can’t get too excited about a PDA that doesn’t include a 3G connection, still nevertheless the two new handhelds from Palm look pretty good. The Palm Tx (£250/$299) is an upgrade of the old Tungsten line, which means you can expect a lot of features (including both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless internet access and the latest version of the Palm OS) as well as a rather smart looking handheld. As you’d expect from a top-end Palm, it’s got a beautiful screen and that same classic design.

The white Palm Z22 (£80/$99) is an upgrade of its Zire range, a line that has proved especially popular with women, who apparently appreciate the simplicity of the product as well as the lightweight design. It’s a pretty basic little handheld, with the bare minimum of features, but it feels nice and small in the hand and the addition of a colour screen is a blessing. The white plastic is supposed to make it less scary for beginners, and while it does make it feel a bit more flimsy, it’s got Palm’s good build quality. Great for anyone looking for their first PDA, in short.  You can get the PDA’s specs here.

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One thought on “Palm adds a pair of PDAs

  • I know this is often said, but these Palms show just how much us Brits get ripped off on pricing. At the current exchange rate, $299 should equate to about £175, not £250!

    Even if you add another 17.5% tax (VAT) that still only comes to £205.

    Rant over….

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