Robot Football arrives in UK


Sepp Blatter is right. Proper football is full of over paid wingeing stars who’d rather be warming the sub’s bench at Big Bucks United than playing week in week out for a decent team. Which is why, instead of the Premiership I am focusing all my footballing energies on robot soccer and I am not talking the Chelsea back four. Launching this week on Firebox is the magnificent Mr Soccer Robot Football, the first UK robot footy game which doesn’t cost a Premiership’s players weekly wage to buy. Players use remote controls to manoeuvre the robots (it comes with one for each team, but extra robots can be added) round the pitch to chase and then control the ball. I saw a demo a few weeks back and was blown away. Anyhow if you are not convinced check the video out – the link is at the bottom of the Firebox page. It looks truly addictive.

The basic set of the pitch, two players, remote etc is £34.95, with each additional robot costing £14.95. You can have up to fourteen bots on the pitch. Even better the bots are in the colours of England and Brazil, so you can play the 2006 World Cup Final over and over even before the event happens.

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