Evesham Mini


Evesham technology has revealed the Evesham
which, despite being the Mac Mini’s long lost twin brother (but which one
is the evil twin?), has all the benefits of the small stature and powerful
components built on a Windows operating system. What makes more interesting is
that this is entirely made to suit your digital media needs and runs Windows
Media Centre Edition 2005 which can be completely controlled by a remote. Described
as a “living room PC” this minute unit could actually transform your viewing habits
and would of course link up nicely with an Xbox 360. The standard model Evesham
Mini costs £499 containing an Intel Celeron M Processor, 512MB RAM and a 40GB
hard drive, there is also an optional wireless LAN which will cost an extra
£50. For £699 you can upgrade to a Pentium M with an 80Gb disk. Both of these like
remarkably good deals, especially when you add up all the components and
software prices, they would also look great sat beside the telly.

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