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So Fido is getting a little too frisky with the bitches in another postcode and is missing out on his din-dins. So what do you do? Well last year a US company called Pet Mobility came up with the genius idea of a GPS collar for dogs, so you could see on your PC exactly where the mutt had wandered.

In March the same company will go one better and debut the first mobile phone for our canine chums. The PetCell is a bone shaped device that hangs off the hound’s collar. It has its own number and after dialling the owner can speak to their dog via its two way speakers. The dog can of course bark back too.

The PetCell also has an option called GeoFence that will alert owners whenever their dog wanders beyond preset parameters, and built-in temperature sensors to indicate if the dog is too hot or cold. Owners can even attach a camera to the collar and get a wireless feed of exactly what their dog is looking at. Given that this is often like to be the rear end of another hound it is perhaps not too enticing a prospect.

It’ll sell for around $400 in the US, though there’s no news yet on a European launch.

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