Tosh's Gigabeat P series

MP3 players

So there have been some really wacky MP3
players around for a while, but Tosh‘s Gigabeat P series has to be the first to
sport the Battenberg Cake design. The P5L and P10L come with 512MB and 1GB
storage respectively. Each is compatible with WMA and MP3 format audio and has
a 1.1″ OLED screen. The dimensions are 31.9 x 82.0 x 13.2mm and they weigh 50g.
People who aren’t fans of MP3 player styled on popular confectionary may also
be pleased to hear that they will come in plain black or white. They have
currently only been unveiled in Japan

at the moment so we’ll have to wait a while for a launch on these shores.

via Akihabara News

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