Eclipse's new egg speakers the TD-510s

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As we all know quality speakers should be seen and not heard unless of course they sport a striking design like the new Eclipse TD-510.

And before you ask, yes that egg shaped design – which kind of looks weirdly alien-esque from behind is there for a reason. That’s because the maker says that box shaped or wooden cabinets colour the sound, while the only shape to let you hear the music accurately from the speaker’s drive unit is the egg. So you say goodbye to internal standing waves or reasonances that mask the audio signal – or something like that anyhow.

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At a demo in London’s Abbey Road Studio Two today – yes the studio that The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Cilla Black all recorded in they delivered a performance that, even to our not very audiophile ear, sounded unerringly accurate. Serious hi-fi buffs will probably want to know they feature a 10cm driver, have a useable frequency response of 45Hz-20 kHz and, as they only use a single driver, avoid the time and phase distortion associated with crossover circuitry. As for the rest for us – well they look stunning, are available in white, black and silver and will set you back £1,200 for a pair.

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