The £10 MP3 player

MP3 players

Struggling to afford the downpayment on a new iPod shuffle? Well, if things are that tight here’s some good news. You can now buy an MP3 player for, get this – a tenner. The 24g Ebuyer Ecoman delivers all the usual features including MP3 playback and in-ear phones. What you don’t get are rechargeable batteries – it plays for eight hours on one standard AAA battery – and any storage. You have to slip your own SD cards, but seeing as 512MB SD cards sell for around £20 now that isn’t too bad a deal.

If you are feeling flush you can opt for the £13 ‘MP3 Player with Expansion Slot’ which also features a screen.

Can it be too long before Mp3 players drop out of your cereal packet? Yep the days when you’ll be crunching on your Cheerios and break your teeth on the iPod pico can’t be too far away. Get ’em here.

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