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There is something about an MP3 watch that ought to
work; a covert audio playback device disguised in a watch, it should make you
feel like James Bond. In reality most of the watches end up looking ridiculous,
sprouting headphones and USB cables like tendrils, not to mention the problems
of wiring your wrist into your ear. Fortunately, someone at Technotunes has
realised that style is an important factor and it makes a decent effort to keep
the design sophisticated and slick. The internal machinations are quartz
analogue, resistant to 90 meters. The MP3 player doesn’t have a list of
supported file formats so it may be quite limited but the other features are quite strong; 3 hours of recharging
will provide a funtional 9 hours of playback and it has a
storage capacity of 256MB (around 60 tracks). The Technotunes MP3 watch is
available now for £149 in black or pink.


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One thought on “Technotunes MP3 Watches

  • The only problem is that when you order the product from them, they take your money ($200) and don’t ship the product. They then refuse to answer any emails, when you call them you cannot get through to a real live person, so I left a dozen messages and still no reply. I then tried to get PayPal (who they use as their card processor) to investigate, but because I had been patient, their policy of making a claim within 45 days had expired. I knew nothing of this 45 days poilicy and anyway, I didn’t know fraud had a timescale. Any thoughts, any contacts, any spare Technotunes watches. Regards, Bryan

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