ZipConnect MP3 speaker docks

MP3 players

As you might imagine, we see a lot of weird
and wonderful docking adapters for all varieties of MP3 players, many of which
have to be exclusive to Apple’s iPod due to its unique connector. This makes
Sharper Images range of offerings a little more intriguing, for not only have
they achieved universal MP3 player and iPod connectivity in their ZipConnect
technology, but they have put out one of the wackiest selections of speaker
docks ever seen.

Whether you want your personal audio device
attached to a brightly lit semicircular device with synchronised coloured LEDs,
or just to relax in an aqua blue massage chair with your music piped soothingly
through integrated speakers in the headrest (there’s even a built in sub) then
Sharper Image has come up with the goods. At the more normal end of the
selection is the iSphere; the abstract, ball shaped dock (pictured above) has
the potential to be quite cool. It is 7″ in diameter and also has a useful
auxiliary input. Finally there is a wireless speaker system; your MP3 player
connects to small 2.4GHz transmitter, the receiver is cleverly built into the Subwoofer
which also powers the two cone satellites and again there are auxiliary inputs.

ZipConnect MP3 docks are available now in
the US
from the Sharper Image website. None of the models seem particularly cheap but
the ZipConnect system is a good idea especially if you like to chop and change
when it comes to personal audio devices.


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