mPack 600 hits UK

Personal video players

We’ve had our eye on the PQI mPack P600 multimedia player for a while now largely because this hard disk based personal video player has a kitchen sink of bonus features. So while it does all the usual stuff including replay MPEG1/2/4, AVI (XviD) video, JPEG photo and just about every audio format you can think of, it also has integrated GPS so it can moonlight as a satellite navigation system.

The PQI mPack600, which goes on sale at the end of the month in the UK for a little over £300 – you’ll pay more if you want the GPS – also has PDA functionality (address book, calculator, text reader and clock) and can play back Java games. It has a 4″ Wide, 480×272 high resolution colour LCD screen, supports 3D sound and Dolby Digital surround sound and has an interesting ‘Clam Shell’ style design. More info here.

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