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If you are under 18 and male then chances are this Christmas that tucked away in your stocking will be with one of two things. If your parents love you then it will be a Sony PSP. If you were a complete accident that has gone on to ruin their lives by generally embarrassing them in public and playing your Arctic Monkeys MP3s too loudly then you are probably in line for one of these – a supermarket special MP3 player.

Yep they are everywhere, well Tesco and Asda anyway, and are going for a complete song. Cheapest of the lot is the Dual 128MB player from Asda which, for £19.97, gives you enough storage for 30 songs and a player that probably won’t survive a knock or too.
Much better is the Inovix 256MB MP3 player at Tesco which costs less than a tenner more than its Asda rival but has twice the storage and can double as a voice recorder.

If your parents are thinking big then they’ll probably take the £50 that should have been the first installment on an iPod nano and blow it on an Oregon Scientific MP100. This doesn’t seem great value for £50 as it only has 128MB of storage. But it is tiny and kind of cute and you do get rechargeable batteries which might save you money in the long run.

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