Xbox 360 – good not great


Games Digest reports that
CNN Money’s Chris Morris has played the Xbox 360, and like many of the others who have, his verdict is "good, but not great." Summarising, overall opinions on the Xbox 360 are:
Hardware is well-designed, powerful and potentially very good for games.
Xbox Live and online in general is again Microsoft’s real strength. The "Marketplace", where you can download game trailers, exclusive content and potentially in the future, full games, is repeatedly praised as Microsoft’s killer app.

Games are the weakest link. A line-up heavy on shooters and racers, which repeats Microsoft’s mistakes for the Japanese audience, also fails to deliver anything genuinely new. Graphics are nice, but none of the games have that Halo "must buy" element.

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One thought on “Xbox 360 – good not great

  • Have to agree about the shooter / racer heavy games on the xbox 360, but considering how much earlier it came out compared to the PS3 and it has better gfx and better games it can’t really be called a bad system really.

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