microsoft officially unveil the Xbox360


As far as stories for today it’s going to be pretty difficult to match the long awaited unveiling of the Xbox360 on MTV stateside last night. Apart from showing the machine in its full glory for the first time, microsoft also released the specs for the next-gen 360. The box is going to feature no less than three 3.2Ghz PowerPC CPUs with 6 hardware threads (compared to the original Xbox with an Intel 733Mhz CPU with 1 hardware thread).The 360 is capable of a much higher Floating Point Performance, at 115GFLOPS, around 100 times the old Xbox. The release date has been confirmed for 2005, most likely around Xmas.

However, die hard microsoft fans (there must be a few out there) might
be worried about the speculation surrounding the supposedly more
powerful PS3 (3 times more powerful some say, although I’ll believe
that when I see it). Industry speculation also puts the price of the
Xbox somewhere between 300 and 400 dollars.

Chris Cornwell
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