Onkyo provides iPod control (again)

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We’ve written about this before but at the time full details about how the product worked weren’t available. Now we can tell you all about Onkyo’s iPod dock, also known as the DS-A1. Basically you plonk your iPod into Onkyo’s special Remote Interactive (RI) dock. This is then connected to the RI socket ad AV inputs on the back of your Onkyo hi-fi. Not only does the RI dock charge the iPod it cleverly allows you to control the iPod’s functions – volume, play, stop, skip – via the Onkyo’s remote control. It’s even possible to use the iPod’s alarm function to launch your Onkyo amplifier at a certain time. You can’t see the iPod track names on your TV screen yet, but that function will be coming soon. Costing around £60, the dock will be available in June.

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