Is this the Sidekick III?

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Well the Sidekick II hasn’t even gone on sale in the UK yet, but  those Yanks are already speculating about what the Sidekick III is going to be like. There are numerous posts all over the web, but most seem to agree that the new model will be out in the US before Christmas and include a music player, better storage and Bluetooth.

The slightly more bonkers rumours include that it will run on the Windows Mobile operating system – which is odd as the Sidekick’s current OS seems perfectly respectable to us – that it will include a three mega pixel camera and feature on board Wi-Fi. Well if it ticks all those boxes, let’s just say that T-Mobile better get one over here double quick as we WANT ONE. Pic courtesy of Engadget.

Sidekick II coming to UK
Sidekick II review

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  • The sidekick 3 is out in santa monica in ca
    It cost $450 and I got it know if you blood throw it up if you blood throw it up

  • That picture is a phony pic of the sidekick.
    There is no sidekick 3 comming out yet. The sidekick running on a microsoft OS is a big no no, Why would danger yield any part of the operating sytem to microsoft? None the specifics listed below are true as of this day jan/6/06. The device is already in the UK though, enjoy!

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