Selwyn Electronics Acecat Flair graphics tablet


Graphics tablets can be pretty fun to play
with if you don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for one. There’s little
doubt that, effective as a mouse may be for browsing the internet and pouring gunfire
onto hapless computer foes, it is a pretty poor alternative to a pen when it
comes to drawing detailed pictures or even writing. Fortunately, every year
graphic pads get cheaper and the quality improves; Selwyn Electronics Acecat
is a good example at a bargain price of £35. For that you
get the USB 5″ x 3.75″ pad and a 3-button cordless pen. It has a resolution of 2540lpi
with accuracy to withing +/- 0.01″ and the pen is pressure sensitive, its
buttons are customisable as well. It also comes with Art Dabbler software, but
if you already have a art package like Photoshop or Painter you probably won’t
really have much use for it. Not a bad idea for a Xmas pressie though.

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