New Opera 8 for Symbian S60 handsets

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For the uninitiated, Opera is an industry leading,
award winning internet browser originally designed for Symbian S60 handsets and
later Windows Mobile. The thing that really sets it aside from all its
competitors is the Small-Screen Rendering (SSR) technology which turns ordinary
webpages into smaller versions fit for a mobile phone screen and stops you
having to scroll wildly around looking for the right bits. Obviously this can
lead to some serious squinting on smaller phones, so Opera 8.5 now helpfully
comes with a zoom function. On top of that there is also enhanced support for
quick web browsing with a new password manager, meaning you can quickly log
into websites without needing to battle with passwords on your keypad. Opera
8.5 is currently only available for Symbian S60 devices such as the Nokia
N-Gage, 3230 and 6600 (full list here) but you can bet the upgrades will also
make it to Windows Mobile devices soon.


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