Opera 8.0 released


Opera, the company so beloved of geeks and mobile phone junkies, has released the full version of its 8.0 web browser. The beta version has
apparently been very successful, getting nearly one million downloads. So now that the
full thing’s out, what can Opera aficionados expect from the upgrade? The two
major features are security and voice integration. On the web security
side, Opera will now open a security information field when you go to a secure
website, with a level of security indicator (1-3) and will show the certificate
owner of the site. Opera also now accepts voice commands in English, and can
read documents out loud, bringing that Hal style computer fantasy a little

Also included is a
new feature that automatically resizes the browser window to match any display.
Opera is available for Windows in English, German, Dutch and Polish. A Linux
version is only available in English, although more languages are planned. A
beta version of Opera 8 for Mac, in English, is also available now.

Chris Cornwell
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