Mobile Games Analyst publishes mobile top ten chart


Mobile Games Analyst has published a top ten chart, with the top ten hottest mobile games publishers. In a turn of events that is sure to make any die hard retro-gaming addict happy, the top publisher was iFone, mainly due to the fact that its port of Tetris was in the top ten every month for a year, and was number one for eight months. Second was publisher Iomo, which had pub pool to thank for it’s success.

Fone’s Monopoly and Namco’s Pac-man also scored very well. Perversly, branded games based on movies or console franchises failed to capture the market. Anyway, it’s nice to know that mobile gamers are more impervious to nice graphics and unimaginative franchises then their console cousins are. You can find more on mobile gaming at our friends, Games Digest.

Chris Cornwell
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