Optoma Projector offers breath of fresh air?

Home cinema

You know what gadget companies are good at doing? Sticking two gadgets together and calling it innovative. Say what you like, digital technology is converging. Look at MP3 players being stuck in phones. Internet being put into fridges. And purifiers being put into projectors. Yup, you heard me.

In a bold move that you can see as humorous or actually quite useful (if you’re into purifiers) Optoma have released the H27 home entertainment projector, that supports SCART RGB (it also comes with SCART RGB to VGA adaptor), projects in widescreen ratio, and shines at 850 lumens of brightness. It comes with a resolution of 854×480, and weighs about 2.5kg.

Now for the specs you’ve been waiting for: the projector has a built in Photo Catalytic, three stage Titanium dioxide air purifier. It de-odorises, takes out the bacteria, then takes out harmful hydrocarbons. Which is rather nice. The H27 retails for £845.

Chris Cornwell
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