Mother is watching you

Mobile phones

A couple of weeks back we brought you news of the Verify Location  Sazo
that reigns in the power of multiple
satellites in order to make sure that little Jimmy can not step out of sight
without a loving parent having intimate knowledge of his every move. If you thought
that the Sazo was a bit pricey and have also already given your child a mobile
phone, then KidsOk provides a decent alternative. Rather than a separate unit,
the Kidscape charity endorsed service is a simply addition to existing mobile
phone technology; you enter the numbers you want as a tracker, the one you want
tracked and then for the subscription period you can check up on your kids
location via GSM.

A two word text then acquires immediate
feedback of the child’s location with an overlaid street map, which is known as a ‘ping’. The RRP of £39.95
includes a one year subscription, a £1 donation to the Kidscape charity and 10 pings. Subsequent pings are bought in blocks of 20
for £9.95 which will hopefully ensure that paranoia doesn’t set in too heavily.
Additional mobiles can be added for £4.95.

So how does this compare to the Sazo
service? As explained, KidsOk is a lot cheaper, but the cost is in accuracy.
Sazo uses GPS technology, which, though not explicitly stated by the company,
has the potential for a great deal more accuracy than the GSM alternative.
KidsOk state that its service will give accurate results to within 500m, and
that, especially in the confines of a city, is quite a long way as the massive red circle on the pic indicates quite well.

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