Xbox 360 escapes


Some say it’s a publicity hoax, others that
it’s a shortcut to a swift dismissal from microsoft but whatever the case,
photos have leaked on to the net of the first member of the public to get their
dirty mitts on the forthcoming Xbox 360 console. Gaming website Gamespot has a
selection of snapshots of a gangly youth having the very first play around on an
Xbox 360 outside of a heavily secured lab. Presumably the real joy of the
experience was not the gaming experience, given that he is seen loading up an
ordinary Xbox game, but there is no arguing with the kudos that this stunt is
going to get him. The story goes along the lines of said kid’s stepfather
getting a job at microsoft and bringing home a test device for reasons unknown.
There has been no official response from microsoft regarding this horrific
breach of security, but instincts tell me it will involve a large quantity of
biological excretions and a great height. The hands-on experience has drawn two
early conclusions about the console. Firstly: the control pad is very good.
Secondly: the power supply is huge… what a fascinating insight, surely not one
worth getting fired over though.

via Gamespot

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