The race is on for e-paper


Just five days ago, we brought word of
Fujitsu Corp‘s efforts to bring about the end of paper as we know it. Now it
seems that similar project running in parallel on our own shores has come to
light as well. A team of Paisley University scientists have been putting a
whopping £250,000 grant to good use and have apparently come up with a working prototype
of new technology that may well see the end of newspapers, magazines and, with
a bit of luck, some deforestation. It appears that the Scottish effort hasn’t
achieved the colour effects that Fujitsu Corp version has but there is a slight
indication that the  Paisley Thin Film
Centre system is a little closer to (but still a hell of a long way off)
commercial realisation. Unlike LCD screens the e-paper is supposed to be
visible in bright natural light and viewable from a distance.

The Scotsman via Engadget

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