Water Resistant MP3 Player

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Everyone likes to listen to tunes in the
bathroom, whether it’s to add some spark of enjoyment to the drudgery of early
mornings or to accompany your tuneless cacophony in the shower. I have achieved
this by using a very old set of speakers and a reel of doorbell wire, but I
admit there are some better alternatives and ones that don’t involve running
dripping wet through the house to change a track. Enter the Sun Electron water
resistant MP3 player. There are already several other water resistant players
out there but this has a distinguishing feature: that it is the only one
capable of accepting 3rd party USB storage devices. My main concern
is that, though the player itself is water resistant, how is your USB disc
going to hold up against a liberal dosage of steam and splashes?

You also have the option of getting 32MB of
flash memory with the player but to be honest it would be easier to buy a cheap
USB disk and use that instead as it would make selecting tracks each day much
easier, not to mention the drawbacks of connecting damp objects to a PC. It
runs on 3xAA batteries that give the 0.5W speakers about nine hours of juice.
The dimensions are 134 x 64 x 200mm and it weighs in at 350g.

My final gripe is that, though we live in
an era when nothing short of curling tongs comes without and integrated FM
tuner, this addition is sorely missed on Sun Electron’s device and would have
been especially useful on days when you can’t be bothered to set up a selection
of tracks. This MP3 player is probably not going to set foot outside of Japan but will
hopefully serve as some inspiration to other water-proof MP3 player
manufacturers over here.

via TechJapan

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