Today's top tech stories from the US


Five morsels of delight from the other side
of the pond.

M&C’s 15-IN-1 PMP (DAPReview): An
interesting PMP which has pretty much every conceivable feature on it.

Over half a billion songs sold from iTunes
Music Store
(iLounge): Apple hits the big 500m mark.

Xbox 360 launching November 4th?
(Engadget): A very good question.

i-Bead 700, ready by August (DAPReview):
Aaargh, yet more ‘i’ prefixes, are we to assume that from now until eternity,
the letter i will denote a digital auditory component? Coming soon, the iSore.

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D (Gizmodo): Six
megapixel low end SLR, here’s hoping for a reasonable price.

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