GPS phone trackers for kids


There has been loads in the UK press recently about whether it is worth giving mobile phones to kids as they provide something of a red rag to class bullies. Well the bad new for youngsters everywhere is that their parents now have a legit excuse not to kit them out with the latest Samsung clamshell thanks to a new, and infinitely less sexy device called the Sazo. The phone style unit, which incidentally isn’t much larger than a credit card enables parents to keep tabs on where their kids are via GPS (Global Positioning System), has just gone on sale in the UK. If youngsters carry round the Verify Location Sazo with them their parents can pinpoint their location to within a few metres via the internet on a PC or a mobile phone. There’s two version of the Sazo, the more expensive of which can also be used to make and receive voice calls. The Sazo also features a panic button which, if pressed automatically sends a text message to the parent. The device costs £100 with a monthly service charge starting at £10. More from here

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