eBay Nutcase of the Week: The alleged last bag of Woolworths Pic 'N' Mix can be yours

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If you missed out on the thrilling, frenzied, staff-assaulting, dignity-sapping, blatant and aggressive looting of the once-proud Woolworths brand over Christmas and the New Year, there’s still time to get yourself a bit of Woolies history.

Enterprising store manager Ed Adams, of the Petts Wood branch in Orpington, London, decided to nick/liberate the last remaining scraps from his branch’s Pic ‘N’ Mix display counter – an 800g selection of “delicious nostalgia” he’s now put up for sale on eBay…

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Woolworths could live on… online

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Break out the cheap party poppers and raise a “Worth It” champagne glass to the news that Woolworths may resurrect itself online.

While its recent demise has seen the shop space sold off, the Shop Direct Group has taken on the company and could be about to turn it into an online retailer.

The old Woolworths already offered online purchasing, but the new scheme would see it more able to compete with the likes of Amazon which sells goods exclusively online…

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End of an era: grab a tech bargain at Woolworths this weekend

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Even if you’ve been trying to ignore the bleak economic news of recent months, instead choosing to count the £10.54 worth of pennies you have hidden in a large jar under your bed, you’ll likely be aware that retail institution Woolworths is about to die.

To go out with a bang, the administrator has announced that Woolworths will begin an up-to-50% sale this weekend in all its UK stores.

The biggest discounts will be on toys and greetings cards, but apparently entertainment goods will also be discounted, so perhaps Woolies is the place to go if you’ve got any cash and want to buy a cheaper telly or games console…

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Which? Computing names high street shops selling violent games to 15 year-old girls

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Good morning, children. Remember how I told you yesterday about a simple way of ordering 18-rated video games online without an age check? Well forget all that complicated postal order crap. A Which? Computing investigation has found that there are actually high street shops out there merrily flogging games to under-age players.

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Super cheap SX 200 mobile comes to Woolworths

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Couple of Easter eggs, bag of pick ‘n’ mix, a JML slice ‘n’ dice… oh, and a cheap mobile phone.

Claiming to be the best value mobile phone currently on the UK market, Fly Mobile’s SX 200 offers a range of decent features for under thirty quid, and you can pick one up on the Virgin Mobile network from good old Woolworths…

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