Web designers take note: 1366 x 768 is now most popular screen resolution

Time to shred those go-to page templates web designers; there's a new king of screen resolutions in town. According to web analytics team StatCounter, they've seen a shift in the most popular screen resolution from 1024 x 768 to 1366…

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Gerald LynchWeb designers take note: 1366 x 768 is now most popular screen resolution

YouTube goes Widescreen


According to the most recent post on Mashable, YouTube has officially gone widescreen although, for some reason, the post on the YouTube blog itself has disappeared, but no matter, one look at the user-generated video site and you’ll see that it’s true. Looks weird but good, doesn’t it?

Once you get adjusted to the fact that everything looks like…

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Daniel SungYouTube goes Widescreen

Novatech Ion: the ultra-cheap desktop PC with netbook innards


That headline doesn’t sound hugely appealing, if I’m honest, but the Novatech Ion is exactly that — a very cheap desktop PC that utilises processor technology more often found in ultra-portable notebook PCs.

Claiming the Ion to be the lowest cost 17-inch widescreen PC on the UK market, Novatech uses a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 160GB hard drive, 1GB of memory, a DVD burner, 5.1-channel audio, and DirectX 9 Intel graphics…

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Andy MerrettNovatech Ion: the ultra-cheap desktop PC with netbook innards

Vuzix announces widescreen virtual reality glasses


Following on from the VR920s, which I reviewed earlier in the year, Vuzix has just announced a pair of widescreen multimedia glasses – the AV310. Like the others, they sit on your nose, and position two dinky screens in front of your eyes, so it’s like having a massive screen further away. They’ve also announced an upgrade to the AV230XL – their entry level goggles – which upgrades them to OLED displays.

The AV310 is the first commercially available video headset available in widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. It ships with a cable for connecting to your iPod or iPhone, as well as a variety of other devices with TV-Out functionality, including many recent MP3 players. The OLED displays on the AV230XL – and I got to see these myself – look phenomenal. Far brighter and more responsive than LCD displays. Very impressive.

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Duncan GeereVuzix announces widescreen virtual reality glasses

ViewSonic intros new 22-inch widescreen monitor


ViewSonic has announced its latest widescreen monitor, the VX2260wm. As the product name suggests, it’s a 22-inch LCD but sports a 16:9 aspect ratio more common on “proper” TVs than on computer monitors.

Able to display full 1080p content without scaling via its HDMI or DVI-D inputs, it also offers 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a low 2ms response time which should cut down on motion blur…

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Andy MerrettViewSonic intros new 22-inch widescreen monitor

LG launches W2284F 22-inch widescreen monitor


LG has announced its latest 22-inch widescreen monitor for the UK market. The W2284F has won an iF Product Design Award, because apparently it’s an outstanding example of design perfection.

Before we get to the specifications (which in my opinion is what really counts), let’s dwell a little on LG’s design ethos — the soft blue power button beneath the screen was inspired by a drop of morning dew, while the rest of the monitor is glossy black — inspired by a grand piano, perhaps?

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Andy MerrettLG launches W2284F 22-inch widescreen monitor

Runco to launch 95-inch CineWall HD projection display


Runco, probably not a name that’s hugely familiar to the mainstream consumer in the UK, has announced that it has produced the world’s first 95-inch widescreen in-wall front-projection display.

Given that it’s based on projection technology, we’re not talking super-thin “mount on your wall” LCD or plasma here. This is beefy “mount in your wall” technology, and while Runco thinks that a 33 inch depth requirement is but a “tight space”, I’m a little concerned that I’d be halfway into my neighbour’s front room if I tried to install this in my house.

So, not for the modest-sized terraced home, I feel…

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Andy MerrettRunco to launch 95-inch CineWall HD projection display

BenQ show off new short-throw, silent and ultra-bright projectors


My cup’s running over with projectors right now, after BenQ announced a whole heap of new models yesterday lunchtime. They’re all rather impressive too – one range are ultrabright, one range are deathly quiet, and there’s a selection of remarkably short-throw models that can project a 74″ picture on a screen just one metre away…

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Duncan GeereBenQ show off new short-throw, silent and ultra-bright projectors