Here’s why web pages still load so slowly even though our connections are getting faster

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Ever wondered why sometimes it feels like the web is stuck in 1998? Even though we have super-fast fibre optic broadband, pages still don't load instantly and we still have to watch stuff gradually appear... so why? It turns out that websites are getting bloated. According to some fascinating research by The Whir, in only…

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Wii U gets an update, but major performance boost wont come till Autumn

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Nintendo has released a small software update for their struggling Wii U console. The newest firmware update will allow the console to download SpotPass data and other software updates while in standby mode, as well as some minor bug fixes,…

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Opera Mini for iPhone to be unveiled at MWC 2010

Gerald Lynch Apple, iPhone, iPhone apps 2 Comments

Apple haven't historically been too keen on introducing browsers to rival Safari onto the App store. However, Opera are so confident that their Opera Mini browser will pass Apple's vigorous application process that they plan to showcase it at this…

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Devolo dLAN 200 AVplus Starter Kit- Review

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Name: Devolo dLAN 200 AVplus Starter Kit Type: Powerline network adapter set Price: £119.99 (Maplin) The world has become pretty comfortable with the idea of wireless internet, sending data over the air from wireless routers to all sorts of internet…

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TuneUp Utilities 2010 – Review

Gerald Lynch Computers, Features, Reviews, Software, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Name: TuneUp Utilities 2010 Type: Maintenance software Price: £24.59 (Amazon) Keeping on top of the myriad problems that can blight an otherwise healthy PC can be quite a challenge. To a novice, watching a PC slowly grind to a halt…

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MPs to investigate Britain's broadband speeds

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The Digital Britain report, published earlier this month, proposed that all homes would have access to broadband speeds of at least 2Mbps by 2012.

Now for a country that has Virgin advertising up to 50Mb via their cable network and O2 advertising up to 20Mb on the existing phone-line network that doesn’t really sound very ambitious. It seems that some MPs may also be thinking just that.

So, MPs who work in the Commons Business and Enterprise Committee are to open an inquiry into broadband speeds in the UK. They will also look into whether the proposed 50p broadband tax is fair or not – the charge would be added monthly to anyone with a fixed telephone line.

Their concern is that by not aiming higher, the UK will fall behind the rest of the world in terms of broadband speeds. This handy chart courtesy of the BBC shows just how far we are behind already:


Even the French are beating us – sacre bleu. Also, South Korea has set a target of a minimum of 1Gbps for all homes. That kind of blows our target out of the water.

(via BBC)

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