New MacBooks to contain LED backlit screens, boost Greenpeace's opinion on Apple

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Added to the multi-touch trackpads, slimmer and lighter frames and potential new aluminum casings, MacBooks will soon be outfitted with LED backlights.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese BLU manufacturer Kenmos Technology will provide Apple with the LED units for their new MacBook range, in addition to the MacBook Airs and Pros which already feature the technology. Little else is known about the deal, however this is one step closer to the birth of a new, green Apple, with LED…

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Apple rumour #78,941 for the week – new MacBooks in as little as six weeks?

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Thankfully another rumour from inside Cupertino has reared its smooth white head, with a Commercial Times article claiming that we’ll be seeing an upgrade to the MacBook range in the third quarter of 2008.

For anyone holding out for a new MacBook, that’s at least six weeks away, and even then, it’s still just rumour. The rumours this time around seem to be based on two Taiwanese flat-panel makers receiving orders for up to 3 million units for new MacBooks.

Most believe the revision will…

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Apple rumour #948,261: new MacBooks in June?

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Exciting news for those who’ve been considering migrating over to the iCrowd, but on the other hand, bad news for those who recently bought a MacBook. Yes, it’s that time of year when rumours surface about a MacBook line refresh!

According to Apple Insider, Jobs and co. are preparing a new MacBook line upgrade, slimming them down, giving them larger track pads for the multi-touch technology seen on the Air, and putting aluminum and stainless steel finishes on them. New keyboards round off the rumoured upgrades, however no…

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Shiny Video Review: ten alternative uses for a MacBook Air

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There are thousands of videos about the MacBook Air floating around the googles, so Alex thought she’d try her hand at something different – the top 10 alternative ways to use a MacBook Air.

Apparently they’re good for hiding porn, using as a flower press, and as a tray? Huh. Someone get Jobs on the iPhone, quick-smart!…

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Hail to the world’s ugliest most expensive MacBook Air

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Unveiled at CeBIT, this is the world’s first MacBook Air to get the Swarovski crystal makeover treatment. This is what creator Bling My Thing (that’s the name, I swear I’m not making it up) is calling the ‘Golden Age’. Honestly, hasn’t anyone worked out that it doesn’t make any difference how many Swarovski bloody crystal you super-glue to a piece of technology, it still looks utterly ridiculous.

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Apple intros new MacBooks, and MacBook Pros with multi-touch trackpad and latest Core 2 Duo processors

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Apple has today unveiled six new notebook machines — three MacBooks and three MacBook Pros — all featuring the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, and now including the same multi-touch trackpad as found on the MacBook Air.

With speeds of up to 2.5GHz, the new Core 2 Duo chips pack a decent punch. Even the entry level MacBook sports a 2.1GHz processor.

Only the MacBook Pros feature the new multi-touch trackpad, with the MacBooks continuing with the standard scrolling trackpad. The new trackpad gives instant access to features such as pinch, rotate and swipe — great for handling photos.

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The fastest notebook to run Windows Vista is a MacBook Pro (send your hatemail to PC World, not me)

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macbook-vista.jpgPC World, that veritable tome of PC (and Mac!) facts, has just uploaded a fancy laptop slideshow to their site showing ‘The Most Notable Notebooks of 2007′. Here’s hoping no-one releases any super-duper models between now and the end of the year, for their sake.

Anyway, the point to including some dodgy home photo of a MacBook Pro running Vista is that it’s apparently the fastest running Windows Vista notebook. Yes,…

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