iPhone 5S to have enhanced camera flash among other incremental improvements?

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We've become fairly accustomed to Apple's "S" branded iPhone models being simply incremental improvements over their immediate predecessors rather than complete overhauls, and the rumoured forthcoming iPhone 5S looks set to be no different. The latest small improvement that has…

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Adobe CEO says Honeycomb tablets will overtake iPad. Flash bias, anyone?

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Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has stated that he believes tablets running Google's Honeycomb OS will eventually win out over the now-dominant iPad produced by Apple, just as Google's Android smartphones too are beginning to edge ahead of Apple's iPhone. "What…

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APP OF THE DAY: BBC iPlayer (Android)

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It's not just Apple's iPad getting some loving from the Beeb this week, as an official Android app for the BBC iPlayer has hit Google phones and tablets today too. The free app allows 400 hours worth of TV and…

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Tablet PCs Buyers Guide: Part One – Operating Systems

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Netbooks are like, SO last year. This year, computing is all about the tablet. After many unsuccessful attempts at capturing the public's imagination with the form from the likes of Microsoft, Apple finally nailed it with their iPad. It's…

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